Quick Bio


Andy Milone is the staff writer for The Shippensburg News-Chronicle & The Newville Valley Times-Star. He graduated from Gettysburg College in May 2018.

Email: andymilone@verizon.net

His professional reporting revolves around local news coverage in the counties of Cumberland and Franklin (PA). He also freelances an occasional piece for the Central Penn Business Journal.

While in college, he founded his own college news organization — Gettysburg News Network (GNN) — and developed interests in China, specifically the operations of the Dalian Wanda Group and the evolution of the Chinese film industry. 

A majority of his everyday reading revolves around six primary topics:

  1. Chinese film industry 
  2. Professional baseball
  3. Casinos
  4. Rural Homelessness
  5. Boom of large warehouses along Interstate 81
  6. North Korea